Moldova Business Week 2020

MBW 2020

Witold LUTY
General Director of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Automotive Industry Institute (ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIMOT) in Poland

WITOLD LUTY, D.Sc. Eng. Associate Professor, is a General Director of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Automotive Industry Institute (ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIMOT) in Poland. The Institute carries out development work and scientific research in the field of: automotive engineering, vehicle development, road safety, alternative powertrain or fuels and lubricants. ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIMOT is a part of Europe’s third largest research network.

Mr. Luty holds a Doctor of Science degree in Machine Design and Maintenance from Military University of Technology in Warsaw – a military, academic polytechnic university, where he also began his professional career. He was also professionally involved with the Warsaw University of Technology, acting as Assistant Professor at the Department of Vehicle Maintenance and Operation.

A significant part of Mr. Luty’s career path is military. From 2013 to 2018 he worked in Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology supervising many research projects regarding military vehicles. He was awarded by the Ministry of National Defence of Poland for his excellent work for the Polish army as an academic teacher and scientist.
With a strong background in automotive engineering, Mr. Luty is the author of numerous publications covering this field. The main areas of his scientific interest include: experimental research on tires, tire-road interaction, vehicles dynamics and safety. He also has a vast experience as a lecturer at The Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology educating about motor vehicles and car diagnostics.

Day November 14
Hall Republican Palace, 16 Maria Cebotari Street