Moldova Business Week 2020

MBW 2020

Chief executive director of the TÜV Akademie of TÜV Thüringen Group

CEO, TÜV Akademie GmbH Unternehmensgruppe TÜV Thüringen
Representative of the board of TÜV Thüringen e.V.
Administrator, TÜV Karpat

Thomas Büschel is the chief executive director of the TÜV Akademie of TÜV Thüringen Group. The TÜV Akademie provides a wide spectrum of seminars in the field of quality and safety. The range includes more than 350 technical and management topics in more than 1000 events throughout Germany. In addition, a number of educational projects are being implemented with international partners. Qualifications for network partners such as automotive thüringen play a special role.

Extensive experience in project management and corporate governance. corporate development and technology consulting. Development of international companies.

Member of the supervisory board of the european metropolitan region of central Germany.

Day November 14
Hall Republican Palace, 16 Maria Cebotari Street