Moldova Business Week 2020

MBW 2020

Stelian BRAD
Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Currently full professor in intelligent robotics and innovation management at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Stelian Brad comes up with a complex background of about 20 years in software industry, as CEO, product or project manager, innovation manager, entrepreneur and mentor. Stelian holds a PhD in robotics and a PhD in economics. Till now, he had the chance to lead or to be involved in 150+ research and innovation projects, as well as many institutional development initiatives. His current technological focus is on disruptive IT product-service systems, industry 4.0 and robotic intelligence. On the academic side he has published over 200 papers in journals and international conferences. On the entrepreneurial side, Stelian led and is leading various initiatives towards collaborative and polycentric innovations, business internationalization, and international and cross-industry strategic alliances. He also reports contributions in consultancy and training projects for communities and companies on lean, agile and design thinking, innovation management, competitive engineering, shared value, smart specialization, and digital transformation. He was invited as speaker in many events in the fields of IT, robotics and innovation. Stelian is the president of Cluj IT cluster, an association of 8 universities and 80+ ICT companies that promotes structural transformation and smart specialization of the ICT sector in Romania. He is also chair of the Balkan, Black and Baltic Seas ICT Cluster Network, an initiative that promotes inter-regional cooperation by means of 20+ ICT clusters. Stelian was involved as coordinator or expert in many regional and national strategies in the fields of smart specialization, digital transformation, connectivity, research and innovation, economic competitiveness, smart cities and smart territories. At EU level he acts as member is several thematic or action groups in the field of innovation, internationalization and scaling up of SMEs. He is member in different regional, national or European bodies responsible with innovation policies, higher education or research.

Day November 14
Hall Republican Palace, 16 Maria Cebotari Street