Moldova Business Week 2020

MBW 2020

Business Development Advisor

Renan has over 25 years of experience in the Sales, Marketing & Communications fields providing services to international blue-chip companies and governmental institutions.
He owned and managed agencies in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia until its successful sale in 2005. B.E.C. Group was sold to the IPG Group of companies.
For the last 10 years, Renan has worked as a consultant for NGO’s, non-profit institutions and governmental bodies. He has lectured at several universities in USA, particularly on Communications and Sales & Marketing up to and including PhD students.
Renan is also a board member at United Sports Content Providers Inc. based in U.S.A.; a Business Development Advisor / Consultant at The Big Picture; and an Advisor to DCS Events which launched The Emerging Cinema Markets Conference in Istanbul during 2018.

Day November 14
Hall Republican Palace, 16 Maria Cebotari Street