Alexandru MOTROI

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Alexandru MOTROI

Representative of Association of Electronic Industry Companies (ACEM)

Mr. Alexander Motroi is an ingeener, an inventor and a manager.

Mr. Motroi is CEO of the Association of Companies in the Electronics Industry form Moldova (ACEM). He has more than 10 years’ experience as the CTO of the Traction Power Electronics OEM Company INFORMBUSINESS Lld, who is one of the industry leaders on the CIS market of electronic equipment for electric buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains. Together with his team they are designing various electronic equipment for urban transport, such as up to 1 MW range traction inverters, chargers for traction batteries, control systems of different kinds, which won different awards and were presented at many national and international exhibitions.

Alexander is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the Association’s vision, mission, overall direction and strategy, for overall management and for public relations.


ACEM is an association of electronics companies that aim to support organizations throughout the lifecycle of electronic products they generate: idea initiation, research and development of the concept, prototype, production, sale, recycling, improvement. ACEM was founded in 2019 by eight founding members – INFORMBUSINESS, STEINEL, ELIRI, BLACK SEA EMS, SIMPALS, AFN SYSTEMS, AROBS SOFTWARE and TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MOLDOVA.

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