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Director, E-Governance Agency

Chief Information Officer, Government of Moldova Director of e-Governance Agency of Moldova

Iurie joined e-Government Agency (former e-Governance Center) – the Chief Information Office of the Government of Moldova – in early 2011 to help establish a high quality e-government technology platform. As Chief Technology Officer, his main efforts were concentrated on putting modern technologies such as cloud computing and mobile electronic identity to serve Moldovan citizen’s needs, open up and enable smart government and Moldova’s integration into the global digital economy. From July 2015 to December 2016 and August 2019 till present Iurie acts as Government CIO to lead the implementation of the government e-Transformation Agenda and layout the core digital infrastructures for government operations and public service delivery. Among key infrastructures and platforms implemented under his leadership are MCloud – private governmental cloud, MConnect – governmental data exchange and interoperability platform, MPay – governmental payment service, Mobile ID – mobile electronic identity infrastructure and others. Currently, he is leading the digitization stream as part of modernization of governmental services process. Prior to joining eGC, Iurie led a group of IT architects and analysts in a multinational IT company, where he and his team developed and implemented complex information systems for many world leading companies in the financial, investment, telecommunication and media sectors.

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