Vitalie IURCU, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Moldova

Vitalie IURCU, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Moldova:

Moldova Business Week starts to be a tradition for the business environment, increasing both the interest of foreign companies in making investments in our country and the interest of the local companies for exports. 

An example in this regard is the motor vehicle parts industry, which has yielded impressive results in the last five years, reaching an annual export amount from 137 mln. Euros in 2012 to 400 mln. USD in 2016, with a share exceeding 20% in the total exports.

Due to the entry on the market of some companies from motor vehicle parts field that took advantage of important facilities for investment project development in free economic zones and industrial parks, our country was ranked as the 6th in the world in the Global Location Trends 2017 Report as to the number of workplaces created last year as compared with the number of people, at the same time becoming the newest destination for emerging investments.

We wish to reach such results in all the sectors of the domestic economy; thus, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure will continue to make efforts for ensuring attractive conditions for the investors.

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