Moldova Business Week, 2020

  • Ion CHICU, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

    Peter MICHALKO, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Moldova

    Dereck J. HOGAN, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

    - Governmental solutions for investment attraction – Anatol USATÎI, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure

    - Financial policies and tax incentives for stable economy – Tatiana IVANICICHINA, State Secretary, Minister of Finance

    - Upgrading public services through digitalization – Iurie ȚURCANU, Director, E-Governance Agency

    - Transformation of human capital to fit the new era – Viorel BOSTAN, Rector, Technical University

    - World best ICT ecosystem – Natalia DONȚU, Administrator, Moldova IT Park

    - Creative industries, the rise of niche sectors – Doina NISTOR, Chief of Party, Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID, Sweden and UK aid

    - Creative Industries – Dmitri VOLOȘIN, Simpals, Founder, (brand: Lobster – innovative devices for athletes won Red Dot Award 2020; Simpals studio released in 2019 the first VR animated film in Eastern Europe)

    - Cross sectorial – Vasile TOFAN, Horizon Capital, Partner, (brands: Purcari – first listed company from Moldova, entered in over 30 markets, GCC)

    - Fintech – Andrey AYDOV, QSystems, Director (brands: financial and payment solutions for CIS & Europe banking systems)

    - HoReCa – Ruslan COJOCARU, Tucano Coffee, CEO & founder (brand Tucano coffee present in 8 countries from Europe to Asia)


    Moderator: Andrei CRIGAN, Partner, Gateway & Partners

    Key Note Speaker - Massimo MELONI, Investment Policy Reviews Division on Investment and Enterprise UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade & Development)

    • Recent trends in global FDI flows and prospects for the coming years;
    • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on FDI in the short, medium and long term - global and by region;
    • The impact of the megatrends on global value chains and FDI.

    Key Note Speaker - Stefan KRATZSCH, Investment and Technology Promotion Division, Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation, UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organization)

    • Connecting SDGs with “quality” FDI following the global pandemic;
    • Leveraging SMEs opportunities to the core performance metrics compounded with a digitalization strategy.

    Key Note Speaker – Scott HOCKLANDER, USAID Moldova Mission Director

    USAID INVEST: Mobilizing investment for Moldova’s Gems, a view from the field

    • Sashi JAYATILEKE, Development Finance Team Lead, USAID Private Sector Engagement Team
    • Thomas FLAHIVE, Partner at CrossBoundary Group

    American Chamber of Commerce of Moldova – Mila MALAIRAU, Executive Director

    European Business Association– Mariana RUFA, Executive Director

    Foreign Investors Association– Ana GROZA, Executive Director

    Romanian Investors Association in Moldova– Dan NUȚIU, Executive President

    Alliance of Small Enterprises– Liliana BUSUIOC, Executive Director


    - AVO – Alexandru CEBOTARI, Director

    - VoteMeApp – Artur GURĂU, Co-founder

    - Fagura – Dumitru CIORICI, Business Development Director

    - DAS Solutions – Elena ZAMȘA, Director

    - Smart Data – Andrei MARTINENCO, Director

    - Third sector of the national economy with a faster growth rate: 8% of GDP;

    - Only sector of the economy that has dedicated policies in place (IT Park Law, It Visa);

    - Since 2005, the ICT sector has increased over 40 times;

    - Exports of IT services – increasing by 50% (2018 vs 2017);

    - In 2019 Moldova IT Park was recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as one of the best global practices in promotion and development of the IT ecosystem;

    - Over 90% coverage of fiber optic networks and 98% coverage of 4G communications at the lowest prices in Europe;

    - This sector benefits from highly qualified and multilingual human resources (over 28,000 employees in ICT);

    - Moldova ranks 4th in the world in terms of the percentage of the population covered by gigabit internet only after Singapore, South Korea and Malta and the 6th most accessible country in the world (based on the average cost of broadband);


    - Viatel – Anna KUFLIK, Project Coordinator

    - DevelopmentAid.IT – Madia DURONI, Business Development Manager

    - GPG Consulting – Olivier PRADO, Director & Founder

    - Veo Worlwide Services – Alin George PATRU, Business Development Manager

    - Luxali ICT&BPO – Lilia SINCIUC-ENGELEN, CEO, Co-Founder

    Chisinau won in the category for the Emerging City of the Year in SEE in 2020;
    The BPO segment represents approximately 12% of the outsourcing market;
    Estimated by an IDC report*, that it will record significant growth, reaching a value of $30.42M by 2024, compared to $14.45M in 2018;
    The current workforce size of Moldova’s BPO & SSC industry is over 3,000 people, servicing European and US markets predominantly. The service focus is across multiple industries, especially in Logistics, Travel, and Telecom sectors.;
    From the world’s longest nanowire or the world’s first nanostructures micro-submarine, Moldova innovation is impacting research and product development globally;
    Moldova offers a collaborative ecosystem for R&D including 11 Public Research Institutes, 8 innovation incubators, one Science and Technology Park;
    The Republic of Moldova is ranked 58 out of 129 countries in the Global Innovation index 2019. Research and development expenditure (% of GDP) in Moldova was reported at 0.24 % in 2019;
    Moldova offers a unique incentive – 7% tax on turnover for IT Virtual Park residents carrying out R&D and some BPO activities.


    - LED Market – Vadim DANU, General Manager

    - Mechatronics Innovation Center – Nicu ROMAN, Technical Project Director

    - Simpals Garage Lab – Tatiana COTLIUBA, Product Manager

    - Noroc Consulting – Aurel STRONCEA, Managing Director

    - Informbusiness – Alexandru MOTROI, Technical Director

    - MOD Engineering – Franco POLESSELLO, Director

    The electronics sector covered a wide range of activities such as semiconductors, PCBs, transformers, sensors, navigation systems and electronics for naval ships and submarines;
    171 companies in 2019;
    16.000 employees in 2019 (+69% compared to 2015);
    Exports of 526.4 mil USD in 2018 (double compared to 2015 and 5 times more than in 2008);
    Revenues of 7 bln lei of turnover in 2019 (2.5 times more than in 2015);
    The sector established its own association – Association of Electronic Industry Companies (ACEM).
    Moldova is ranked 58 out of 129 countries in the Global Innovation index 2019;
    Moldova offers a collaborative ecosystem for R&D including 11 Public Research Institutes, 8 innovation incubators, one Science and Technology Park;
    A unique incentive exists of 7% tax on turnover for IT Virtual Park residents carrying out R&D in natural sciences, engineering and biotechnology.


    - Coralav LUX – Eugenia – Virsavia GHILEȚCHI , Sales Manager

    - Fashion Textil – Natalia IVANOGLO – General Director

    - Gemini Clothing Limited – Ecaterina RUSU, Representative

    - Johaness – Group LTD – Traian POSTOLACHI, Corporate Communications Manager

    - Mobile SRL – Georgeta MIR, Executive Director

    - Manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather goods and footwear is an important and competitive branch of Moldova;
    - One of the largest exporters in the Moldovan economy, representing 16% of exports (2018) and registering an average increase in exports of 10% each year, starting with 2015;
    - The sector also represents 4% of the total number of national employment, with more than 30,000 people working throughout the industry, mainly women;
    - Moldova is known for high quality production, short delivery times, flexible orders and value-added production from CMT plus full package service;
    - Based on duty-free access to EU, Eastern European and Turkish markets, Made in Moldova fashion products are exported to more than 12 countries, mainly to the EU;
    - 447 light industry enterprises in Moldova, more than ¼ have gone from low to high sustainable production;
    - Republic of Moldova advances with a common platform called “Din Inima” which brings together about 100 local brands.

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